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2018 Hunger Challenge

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of raising $200,000 by March 15 to help families feed themselves!

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What You Support

If you’ve eaten three meals a day this week, then you are truly blessed. And you are more fortunate than many families in Kenya. Families like Vian’s.

He loves school, but his family depends on their crops to survive. When the harvest doesn’t come, he sometimes goes hungry and his mother, Stella, cannot afford to send him to school.

But your support helps families like his survive.

With your help, his mother, Stella, receives training and resources to grow high quality crops that support her family and allows her to feed her family and pay for things like school fees.

Please give a gift today to help a hardworking family like Vian’s fight poverty and create a sustainable life. If God has blessed you with the ability to help, please give to the Hunger Challenge today.