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Growing crops in a drought. With help from YOU

Thank you! Your gift today helps families escape poverty and survive disasters, like drought.

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What You Support

David Mbungi is a 68-year-old farmer in an already dry area of Kenya. Now, the changing climate has made any rainfall scarce and less predictable, so it’s even tougher to grow enough food to feed his seven children. Severe droughts frequently make his crops wither and die. David depends on unreliable rains to water his thirsty plants — like mung beans and corn.

But thanks to friends like you, David has received vital training in conservation agriculture methods. Now, in a good year, he can harvest four times as much food as he used to. “I am grateful to Lutheran World Relief for the support,” says David.

Right now, farmers in David’s area are preparing for the short year-end rains. He and his neighbors will be planting crops soon in hope that the rains will arrive again in October. So your support is needed today to reach more farmers before the rains return.

Your donation will reduce suffering, feed hungry families, and create long-term, sustainable solutions for communities like David’s. Please give today.