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Isaiah 58:10 Project Kenya – Trinity Lutheran Church

Thank you for helping end hunger for thousands of people in Kenya!

Your gift will be credited to Trinity Lutheran Church in Lisle, Ill.

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What You Support

Isaiah 58:10 - Project Kenya

You will provide training, education and new technology to help the people of Kenya increase their food security, income and ability to not just survive, but to thrive.

Farmers will be able to irrigate their fields after constructing systems like sand dams and planting trees to trap water during the rainy season. Solar energy will help farmers pump this water into their fields. Communities will learn to conserve and manage this water allowing them to grow food year round.

Farmers will learn to diversify their crops with vegetables like eggplant, peppers, kale, okra, and potatoes so that children are being nourished with a nutritious diet.

Local leaders will gain skills to troubleshot farm-level problems and provide technical advice, market information, and more to the community.

And our congregation will be holding these communities in prayer, celebrating their successes with them, learning about and learning from fellow children of God around the world. We will grow together in what it means to serve our neighbor, to love one another as Jesus loves us, to be good stewards of our resources—not only money, but also our abilities, our relationships, and God’s creation!

Wilkister Atandi is a member of Orinde Farmers’ Cooperative Society in Rachuonyo South, Kenya. She has seen her income increase from $35 to $94 since the Rachuonyo South Coffee Project began . (Jake Lyell, for LWR)