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Transform the Lives of Children Traumatized by War

Thank you! Your gifts change the lives of families who urgently need your help — families like Zahraa's in Iraq.

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What You Support

Zahraa lives in West Mosul, Iraq. Each day she struggles to cope with the psychological scars of war. She’s lost part of her hearing from bombing, which has also affected her speech. And her sister was killed by a mortar shell.

Thanks to generous people like you, Zahraa has a place she can go and just be a kid – it’s called the “I am Safe” project, and there she can play, and do art, and sort through the trauma she’s been through.

Around the world, so many more children and families are coping with the trauma of war and conflict. You can provide them with a safe space with your gift today.

Please give as generously as you can.

Zahraa, 8 years-old, at Lutheran World Relief’s child-friendly “I Am Safe” community center in West Mosul, Iraq.