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Project Bridge Signup


PROJECT BRIDGE is a new, interactive experience from Lutheran World Relief to unlock your congregation’s passion to make a difference in the world. Experience your impact in a world where needs seem so big, in just six weeks!


  • RECRUIT your Project Bridge team amongst the passionate change-makers in your congregation, young and old!
  • DEVELOP your digital fund-raising goal and strategy to give your congregation and community the opportunity to support you and the difference-making mission of LWR!
  • ENGAGE your Project Bridge team on social media through photos, videos and questions that will keep your team talking, even when they aren’t gathered together.
  • TRAVEL on missions to six different countries without leaving your own community. Interactive activities bring to life the challenges and hope of families living in poverty.
  • EXPLORE God’s story and our call to serve those in need through small group Bible study.
  • TRANSFORM your Project Bridge team into congregational leaders and advocates for breaking
    the cycle of global poverty!

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