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Development, Support and Improvement of Agricultural Production in Zabré

The purpose of this three-year project is to contribute to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of households in the targeted Boulgou Province through the diversification of agricultural production with an emphasis on food crops such as sorghum, cowpeas and peanuts. This project will also aim to empower women who remain marginalized members of society despite their contribution to the labor force in the production system.

This project will directly benefit 3,150 people and indirectly benefit 19,184 people over a three year implementation period. In its first year alone, 272 women will be trained in maintenance and management of shared equipment.


LWR began working in Burkina Faso in 1986 to address the food crisis assailing the country’s largely rural population. Subsistence farmers, a vast majority of the population, face a harsh and arid climate with seasonal and highly variable precipitation, exacerbated by the growing impact of global climate change.

LWR is working in partnership with the UDGPMZ, which was formed in the wake of an acute food crisis and has since been working to improve both the maize sector and livelihoods for nearly 10 years. Despite the progress made by the Union, poor living conditions persist in Zabré due low incomes tied to agricultural production.

Objective #1

Increase the agricultural productivity of farmers in the project zone through the improvement of production and post-harvest techniques of farmers to protect against natural disaster.

Objective #2

Strengthen the capacity of the union so that it can deliver quality services (including access to seeds and other inputs, credit, storage, markets, etc) to its members for improved production and market access.