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Agricultural Recovery Program in Gourma Rharous in the Timbuktu Region of Mali

The goal of this project is to assist 7,200 people from 1,200 households in 7 towns in Gourma Rharous, who have been affected by the conflict in northern Mali since 2012, in their reintegration into their home communities.


LWR began working in Mali in 1986 to address drought-related famine, and continues to partner with rural communities to address the root causes of poverty and lay the groundwork for greater food and nutritional security.

Following intense conflict in circa 2012, Mali endured a massive displacement of its population from the northern part of the country to more southern parts. This massive migration resulted in the degradation of the nation’s agricultural system, which Malians depend upon for their food and livelihoods. Following the recently achieved peace agreements, communities are now returning back to their homes and have immediate needs for food, potable water and economic revitalization. This project aims to assist 7,200 people in Gourma Rharous in reintegrate into their home communities.

Objective #1

  • Providing emergency food assistance to 1,200 households and returned to the most vulnerable resident households

Objective #2

  • Contribute to the revitalization of agricultural production for 275 households of residents who returned to the circle of Gourma Rharous post-conflict