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Binational Cocoa Project in Peru & Colombia

This binational cocoa project will increase incomes and improve quality of life for rural families living in two highly conflictive areas of Peru and Colombia by fostering their better incorporation into the cocoa value chain in each country. Cocoa is a high-value crop, that when intercropped with other valuable tree and shrub crops in an agroforestry system creates an intensive-use yet environmentally sustainable and profitable production system suitable for rural small-holder farmers. In the two regions where LWR is implementing this project, farming families have lived through extreme violence and deprivation and are now seeking ways to improve their livelihoods. The presence of the state in both regions is weak and the resulting insecurity has hindered producers’ access to technical support and technology they need to increase productivity, improve product quality, and access higher-value markets within the domestic cocoa value chains. The project will directly benefit 348 cocoa farmers and their immediate family members.


The main factors limiting incomes from cocoa agroforestry are poor productivity, improper processing, and limited access to high-value markets. Addressing these challenges requires investment in infrastructure, organizations, and crop management.

Current yields from these producers are between 100 and 600 kilograms per hectare. Yet in similar geographic areas, highly managed farms produce up to 4,000 kilograms per hectare. Proper plant management, fertilization, and renovation with improved varieties can dramatically increase yields.

Processing is also inefficient and deficient. Producers are processing and marketing individually, with poor quality control to market standards. Massing and processing in cooperatives and associations will allow better quality control and create marketing efficiencies, resulting in higher returns to farmers.

Objective #1

Increased production and improved marketing of cocoa and associated crops.

  • Increase production and productivity
  • Improve access to necessary inputs

Objective #2

Farmers sell products in high-value, high quality markets

  • Implement best management practices to improve product quality
  • Improve infrastructure and logistics for massing and sale of products

Objective #3

Producers cooperatives and associations are able to efficiently produce and market product

  • Legally register and formalized cooperatives and associations
  • Improve administration and governance of coops and associations
  • Build capacity of coops and associations offer services to members