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Cash for Work and Livelihood Restoration in Syria

The conflict driven displacement of more than a million Syrians in the first half of 2015 has seriously strained livelihoods and limited access to food among displaced and host communities. An estimated 8.7 million people are in dire need of food. Nearly one in three Syrian families is indebted because of food costs. Under extreme duress, the affected communities have adopted negative coping strategies, such as the sale of productive assets, sending children to work, and arranging the early marriage of daughters.

With the onset of winter, the temperature throughout the country has dropped and rainy weather set in. These conditions have created a demand for winterization items, such as fuel for heating, blankets, improved shelters, and warm clothing. However, many household cannot afford even these basic items. With the protraction of the country’s crisis, the restoration of livelihoods and access to job opportunities have become critical to sustain and restore dignified living conditions for Syrians and to reduce their reliance on humanitarian aid.


Over the course of 6 months, 10 CFW projects will be implemented that provide temporary work to the most vulnerable members of the community. CFW activities will be administered in the form of small grants at the community-level to carry out community development projects, like the rehabilitation of shelters and children’s facilities.