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Clean water and basic health equipment for Nias

Through the provision of basic medical equipment and improved access to clean water, this project will raise the health status of mothers and children under five in sub-district Gido, Indonesia.


Nias is the largest island off Sumatra’s west coast. The Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami in 2004 devastated coastal areas in Aceh and caused serious damage on Nias. The March 2005 tremor further damaged the island. District government spending in the island’s health sector is very low and insufficient to effectively maintain medical equipment and facilities. More than ten years later, Nias still has the highest poverty and lowest public service delivery rates in North Sumatra Province. Its infant and maternal mortality rates are well above national figures as well in large part due to the accessibility and quality of maternal health, poor hygiene and low awareness on health issues.

In Nias, basic health care services are provided through sub-district health posts called puskesmas, which employ professional medical staff. The puskesmas’ staff travel to communities each month to deliver health services, or posyandu, particularly focusing on the health of mothers, children and pregnant women. Posyandu can include weighing and monitoring, de-worming, provision of additional food for malnourished children, iron supplementation for pregnant women and vaccination.


Through this project, Lutheran World Relief and SurfAid will provide the needed materials to construct and maintain four clean water facilities in Ladea Orahua village as well as the basic equipment for posyandu, such as measurement tapes to monitor healthy weight, cool boxes and jelly for transporting vaccines and obstetric beds.

The long-term goal to improve the health status of mothers and children under five in sub-district Gido. The short-term project goals to be accomplished in 2 months are as follows:

  • Provision of basic posyandu equipment and materials, including training delivered to community health volunteers and puskesmas staff on maternal and child health.
  • Providing the non-local materials for hand dug wells that will contribute to improving access to clean water in Ladea Orahua village.

Quick Facts

  • $7,500 budget
  • Provide basic equipment for 12 community health posts (puskesmas)
  • Construct 4 water facilities for Ladea Orahua village
  • Clean water for 1,392 people