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Cocoa Production to Export Markets

The project aims to strengthen cocoa farmers’ ability to increase production of quality cocoa and receive better prices from export market through the implementation of improved agriculture practices, postharvest, and accessibility to better market information.


According to the International Cocoa Organization, global demand for cocoa products have doubled in the last 20 years and may not be covered with the next harvest. In 2012, Honduras increased its cocoa production by 1,400 tons. However, Honduras is expected to only have an increase of production of 10% in 2015. A root cause of low cocoa production is due to small farmer’s ability to consistently produce high quality cocoa. Only 50% of what a farmer produces actually meets the requirements for export markets. This project aims to respond to this need by concentrating its efforts to improve the quality and quantity of cocoa to meet the standards of export markets for smallholder farmers.


Participating farmers will directly benefit from the project by:

  • Improved knowledge on cocoa production and quality through farmer field schools, training on cocoa genetics, and improved quality of training and technical assistance through the use of the LWR Cocoa toolkit printed and digital format for farmer training, technical assistance and self-study
  • Increased volumes of cocoa that meet market standards as well as greater access to market information through training, technical assistance and equipment for post-harvest processing centers, use of mobile devices to access and exchange information, publications, forums, and participation in national and regional dialogues related to the sector.