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Conservation Agriculture for Improved Resilience and Empowerment

The Conservation Agriculture for improved Resilience and Empowerment (CARE) project will be implemented in Kibwezi East, Kibwezi West, Kathonzweni and Nzaui sub-counties of Makueni County, Kenya. The project will directly benefit 6,221 smallholder farmers and indirectly reach an estimated 31,105 people over a period of three years. The project is designed to address how agricultural livelihoods of smallholder farmers in the four sub-counties of Kibwezi East, Kibwezi West, Nzaui and Kathonzweni are susceptible to effects of reduced and unevenly distributed rainfall, high temperatures and a degraded environment, leading to frequent crop failure and persistent food insecurity in the region.

The overall goal of the project is to improve household livelihoods among the targeted smallholder farming families of Makueni County.


  1. Targeted smallholder farmers improve productivity and incomes
    1. Targeted men and women farmers adopt soil and water conservation methods
    2. Targeted men and women farmers manage soil fertility
    3. Targeted farmers utilize captured water
    4. Targeted smallholder household heads involve their spouses in farm management decision making process and planning.
  2. Targeted smallholder farmer organizations provide useful services to men and women smallholder farmers
    1. Targeted farmer organizations have strong management systems and governance
    2. Targeted farmer organizations provide high quality extension support
    3. Targeted farmer organizations collectively market members’ crops to structured produce markets
    4. Targeted farmer organizations provide financial services
  3. Targeted smallholder farmers have diversified investments options
    1. Targeted women and youth engage in production and marketing of poultry and high value horticulture crops
    2. Targeted primary school students acquire essential agricultural knowledge and skills