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Dudhpokhari Micro Hydro Rehabilitation Project

LWR, in partnership with COPPADES, is helping people in several earthquake-affected village development committees (VDCs) in Lamjung District. Dudhpokhari VDC lost their micro hydro plant, Firipaiche, in the April 2015 earthquake. The plant was supplying electricity to more than 500 households in the VDC. This project will restore the power plant’s operations and the electricity supply to the Dudhpokhari community.


The Dudhpokhari community received its electricity from the Firipaiche micro hydro plant, which served 504 households in the VDC prior to being damaged in the April 2015 earthquake.

The community had been using Firipaiche’s electricity for husking mill, grinding, poultry and other enterprises, including lighting their houses. The earthquake damaged the plant’s powerhouse, machinery, distribution systems and water diversion intake for electricity generation. With the Firipaiche micro hydro plant down, people in Dudhpokhari lack the necessary supply of electricity to live their lives.


The objective is to ensure that households in Dudhpokhari VDC have access to electricity through the resumption of the Firipaiche micro hydro facility and its efficient management and operation. This will be achieved through the following activities:

  • Repair of the water diversion intake for the micro hydro project
  • Repair/rehabilitation of powerhouse and electricity generation machinery
  • Repair of electricity supply/distribution systems
  • Training for micro hydro project management committee
  • Prepare micro hydro management guidelines

Quick Facts

  • $15,000 budget
  • Repair Firipaiche micro hydro plant and its electricity supply systems
  • Restore electricity to 509 households
  • Conduct capacity building training for 15 members of the Firipaiche micro hydro management committee to improve the efficiency of plant operations