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Emergency Support to Vulnerable Children and Youth Affected by Mt. Sinabung Volcanic Eruption

From September 2013 to February 2014, Mount Sinabung continuously erupted in Sumatra, Indonesia, sending big plumes of super-heated ash into the sky, killing at least 16 people and displacing 9,403 households (approximately 30,152 individuals) to over 42 makeshift Internally Displaced Camps. The goal of the emergency response project is to provide emergency assistance for three months for up to 4,157 children living in Internally Displaced Camps as a result of the volcanic eruption.


Mt Sinabung was dormant until early September 2013, when monitoring stations picked up increasing volcanic and tectonic tremors. Subdued volcanic activity continued for almost a month before Mt Sinabung eruptions intensified again in mid-October triggering evacuations of nearby communities. The volcano continued to erupt periodically through December and January.

On December 21 2013, the Government of Indonesia issued a Level 4 alert requiring residents who resided within a 3 kilometer radius of Mt. Sinabung to evacuate their homes. The government has extended the evacuation radius to 4.5 kilometers. It is anticipated that the Level 4 alert period will be extended as eruptions continue.

By February, 14 people, including four schoolchildren, were killed after they were engulfed in scorching ash clouds spat out by Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung in one of its biggest eruptions.


To provide emergency assistance to up to 4,157 children and youth living in IDP camps affected by the Mt. Sinabung eruption.

Project Activities Include:

  • Establish 3 child friendly locations complete with recreational kits.
  • Distribute 500 elementary and junior school kits.
  • Train 25 local teachers on post-disaster psychosocial support.
  • Facilitate Child Protection forums provide monitoring and child protection throughout the IDP camps.