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Empowering Lintong Coffee Farmers

Empowering Lintong Coffee Farmers, is a 20 month project designed to assist families and communities by improving their quality of life through increasing their income through climate smart and market driven coffee production.


Specifically, the project is designed to support farmers through on-the-ground technical assistance to increase crop yield and quality and promote environmental sustainability on the farm and in the community. The project is designed to include private sector partners such as Volkopi in ensuring farmers produce good quality coffee and on the other hand give farmers opportunity to sell their coffee for a better price. This project presents a model whose results can be scaled and replicated in future projects. The project will improve the quality of life for farmers and their families, through increased production and appropriate on farm practices and alternative technologies to reduce the negative environmental impact to the land of 400 farmer households in Humbang Husudutan Regency in North Sumatra, Indonesia.


Smallholder coffee farmers have improved their coffee productivity and quality

  • smallholder coffee farmers increase their coffee productivity with 40%
  • smallholder coffee farmers sell their coffee at higher prices
  • smallholder coffee farmers improve their knowledge and skills to respond to climate change
  • 200 small holder coffee farmers’ knowledge and skills about marketing negotiation are improved
  • private companies or buyers express interest in buying coffee from the project participants