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Enhancing Small Holder Farmers Resilience

The goal of the project is to enhance small holder farmer resilience in the Indian state of Bihar.


The project will be implemented in 11 flood affected villages of 4 gram Panchayats of Sabaur block of Bhagalpur District of Bihar covering 5000 farmers (2500 small farming households). These farmers are predominantly subsistence farmers with small landholdings between 0.5-2.0 acres with only about 20% cultivating rice and maize in monsoon for consumption using traditional methods. A majority (80%) of the farmers do not cultivate any monsoon crops due to the fear of crop loss from flooding that occurs every year during monsoon seasons. They are able to grow only wheat in winter that meets the food needs of the family for only 6 months of the year and are compelled migrate to nearby towns and distant cities to earn income during the lean seasons.

Objective #1

Small holder subsistence farmers have year round production of stress resistant (flood & drought tolerant) and high yield cereals (paddy, maize & wheat).


Farmers practice diversified farming by cultivating stress tolerant high yield cereals (paddy & maize in monsoon; wheat & maize in winter).


Farmers adopt climate smart agricultural cultivation techniques and management on their farm.