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Food Security for the Chorti Maya Indigenous Groups

Coffee farmer Adam Canan and his wife Francisca Perez at their home. They are part of the Maya Chorti indigenous community, and are participants in LWR’s project with local partner OCDI to improve the food security of coffee farmers and their families.

This project will benefit 300 families in 12 communities in three of the poorest municipalities in Honduras with malnutrition levels of over 50%.


In Honduras, LWR’s focus on agriculture value chains is complemented by efforts to help farmers diversify agricultural production, improve on-farm processing and storage, and strengthen local food markets.

LWR also works to strengthen local communities’ capacity to advocate for policies that support improved food security. LWR prioritizes women, smallscale producers and youth in these efforts to advance inclusive decision-making, and help ensure that local knowledge and proposals are incorporated into municipal projects and policies. In this way, best practices and initiatives supported by LWR can be scaled up and institutionalized to increase food security in the region.

Objective #1

Increased food production on their farms through improved production practices, and access to credit, and improved seeds and irrigation.

Objective #2

Increased income from sales of agricultural products through rehabilitation of coffee plantations, improved post harvest processing and direct marketing of coffee, and increased production of vegetable crops for sale in local markets.

Objective #3

Reduced post harvest losses of staple grains through improved post harvest practices and individual and communal grain storage structures.

Objective #4

A more diversified diet through establishment of new food crops on their farms and training in food preparation and nutrition.