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Food Security and Improved Nutrition among Highland Communities in Peru

Through its current project on native potato species and ongoing interactions with the population, CEDINCO has acquired a qualitative vision of local lifestyles, food choices, children’s diets and family circumstances and needs in order to enjoy good health. CEDINCO is also well versed in agricultural production in these communities, including crops and livestock, and the potential and limitations of local production systems.

The people of Castrovirreyna suffer from food insecurity and high levels of chronic malnutrition in children under age five. This is due to the scarcity and inaccessibility of food and poor dietary habits that undermine the health of these children and their families.

The project’s goal is to assist 120 families as direct beneficiaries, for a total of 720 individuals including 150 children under age five. Eighty-six of these families are currently participating in CEDINCO’s native potato project and the other 34 are from the Ocoro and Suytupampa communities.


To improve the food security of 180 rural farmers (men and women) and the nutritional status of 150 children under age five in eight communities in the Andean highlands of Castrovirreyna – Huancavelica by:

  • Increasing the availability of healthy, nutritious foods for family consumption.
  • Improving agricultural practices related to food preservation/storage handling, and consumption in the home.
  • Boosting family income for the purchase of foods they do not produce themselves.