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Improving Incomes for Farmers in the Maddaben Union


LWR began working in Niger in 1975 to address severe drought-related famine, and continues to partner with rural communities to address the root causes of poverty and lay the groundwork for greater food and nutritional security.

This project is being implemented in partnership with the Union Maddaben and aims to improve the lives of over 3,000 farmers living in the Dosso region, located in the southwest of Niger. Farmers in the region endure poor living conditions due to the weak harvest yields of dry cereals and the low capacity of the local farmers’ union to deliver quality services or inputs to its members. This project takes a holistic approach to mitigating these challenges and improving the lives of farmers by offering education, training, improved inputs, and expanding credit options to the union through our tripartite financing model.

Quick Facts

Farmers are growing cowpeas and millet together to increase yields and are utilizing each crop to its maximum utility. Cow peas are very high in protein and not only grow in a manner that protects others crops, but also helps keep the soil healthy. Further, all the stems and leaves from cowpeas can be used as feed for animal fattening, another income producing activity in Niger, and the husks from the millet can be used for building materials.

Objective #1

Increasing and diversifying the production of family farms.

  • Output 1.1: Farmers apply improved farming techniques.
  • Output 1.2: Specific needs of women are taken into account.

Objective #2

The Union is able to deliver quality services to its members

  • Output 2.1: High quality dry cereal, legume, and oleaginous seeds are available.
  • Output 2.2: The union masters the technical supply of inputs and marketing channels of agricultural products.
  • Output 2.3: The union has adequate financial and material resources.

Objective #3

The cooperatives of the union are operational.

  • Output 3.1: Cooperatives apply principles of good governance.
  • Output 3.2: Cooperatives have their own financial resources.