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Indonesian Rural Economic Development

The goal of this project is to increase the sustainable economic development of Sumba Island through farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR) and local value chain development (LVCD). The project will increase water availability for demonstration plots, establish village level water management committees, strengthen local cooperatives, and identify viable value chains for them to participate in. It will create linkages with buyers and develop and distribute educational materials on climate adaptive agriculture.


LWR’s implementation of World Vision’s IRED 2 project builds off of the success of the CASANDRA project, which aimed to increase the crop yields and improve the water management of Sumba farmers, who constantly suffer losses due to climate stressors, like droughts and floods. It also build off of IRED 1, which was an 8 month pilot project focusing on the same objectives.

During IRED 2’s implementation, LWR will support the rehabilitation of landscapes and natural resources as well as continue to help farmers increase their production and sustainably manage their environment. LWR will also focus on developing their links to local value chains and strengthening farmers’ cooperatives in order to ultimately improve their income.


  • Increase water available for/in FMNR plots and demonstration plots
  • Support Water Management Committees (WMC) in implementing water management regulations
  • Increase communities’ sustainable income
  • Identify productive and marketable crops
  • Develop LVCD of marketable crops to increase communities’ sustainable income
  • Strengthen farmer groups and their market linkages