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Mining and Agriculture in Apurimac, Peru

The Mining and Agriculture Project is a 2-year initiative financed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector lending arm of the World Bank Group, and the Government of Canada. The project uses a public-private intervention model based on collaboration between mining companies and other stakeholders (including regional and local governments) to improve household income for small-scale farmers. This project seeks to establish lasting sustainable relationships between local producer organizations and private (mining) companies, advancing the development of the region.

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LWR is responsible for implementing the project and has committed to achieving the following results:

  • Improved productivity and diversification by smallholder farmers through increased options of adaptable crops, livestock, poultry and small animals.
  • Improved nutrition for families through diversification of food products and improved food preparation, handling, preservation and storage.
  • Increased family income from profitable market linkages for traditional and new farm products.


The “Haku Wiñay” model, developed by the Peruvian Ministry of Social Development and Inclusion (MIDIS), will be used to develop activities to enhance the economic, social and cultural characteristics of farmers’ systems of production.

Central to this strategy:

  • A farmer-to-farmer model using trained local promoters (Yachachiq) to provide technical assistance with support from local professionals in agriculture, veterinary sciences, product marketing and organizational development.
  • Introduction of simple, low-cost, accessible and culturally adapted technologies for improving household systems of production and storage.
  • Strengthening of producer organizations formed by groups of local, entrepreneurial farmer leaders engaged in capacity-building for improved marketing of their products and building demand from local mining companies.