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Mobile Cocoa: Technology to Improve Farmers Lives


Mobile Cocoa will increase the competitiveness of 4,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the cocoa sector in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. This project seeks to empower cocoa farm SMEs through a stronger voice in public and private policy decisions regarding the cocoa sector and to promote increased trade
and regional competitiveness of cocoa farm SMEs through an improved image of Central American cocoa among international cocoa buyers.

Expected Results

  •  Improved management of cocoa SMEs in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador with the use of LWR’s Cocoa Toolkit.
  • Improved access to market information for cocoa SMEs from Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador with the use of information communication technology (ICT) tools.
  • Cocoa SMEs participate in discussions on public and private policies relevant to the sector.
  • Increased market access for cocoa SMEs in the region.

Program Strategies

Digital technology in the hands of farmers:

The digital divide is closing fast in rural areas as network coverage expands and the costs of phones and service continue to decrease. SMS, mobile internet and cellphone apps are increasingly how rural SMEs communicate and obtain information. LWR’s Cocoa Toolkit and other tools created by this project are made with and for farmers and are freely available through or Google Play.

Broad-based collaboration:

Only by fully engaging all actors in the value chain will meaningful change occur. In designing and implementing this solution, LWR partners with a wide range of actors including farmer organizations, local NGOs and projects, private companies, certifying agencies, and research, financial and public institutions.