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Nyanya Ni Pesa (“Tomato is Money”)

The Nyanya Ni Pesa project, designed to improve the livelihoods of tomato smallholder farmers in Iringa region of Tanzania, will directly reach an estimated 3,400 farmers and indirectly benefit about 17,000 people in the community over a three-year period.


Despite the existence of opportunities in the tomato value chain, the livelihoods of tomato growers in the region are unsustainable. This is mainly because the income from the tomatoes is low. While a tomato farmer in Iringa has the potential to generate gross profits of TAS 3,300,000 from a quarter of an acre of tomatoes, s/he currently earns only about TAS 620,000 in a season.


The overall goal of the project is to improve livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Iringa and region while its strategic objective is to support the targeted smallholder tomato farmers to increase their incomes from marketing of tomatoes.

Outcome #1

Targeted farmers have increased productivity of tomato

  • Targeted farmers have acquired and applied increased knowledge on best practices for optimum tomato productivity
  • Targeted farmers have increased their ability to practice profitable tomato farming

Outcome #2

Association of Iringa Tomato and Vegetable Growers (AITVG) provides sustainable services that benefit its members. To achieve this outcome, the following outputs are planned

  • AITVG practices good governance
  • AITVG has efficient systems for delivery of quality services to its members
  • AITVG uses strategies for resource mobilization

Quick Facts

  • Nyanya Ni Pesa means “Tomato is Money” in Kiswahili
  • 60% of farmers in the Iringa region produce tomato as a cash crop
  • Women make up 35% of AITVG’s membership