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Optimizing Agro-Pastoralist Family Farms in the Nouaho Valley

This project aims to assist thirty-four agro-pastoralist communities in two departments (twenty in Bané and fourteen in Bittou) in coping with climate-related threats to their livelihoods and crop price fluctuations by improving their resilience to shocks through sustainable agriculture. It will also strengthen the financial, institutional and organizational capacity of the Boulgou Provincial Breeders Union (UPEB) enabling it to provide quality services to its members.


LWR began working in Burkina Faso in 1986 to address the food crisis assailing the country’s largely rural population. Subsistence farmers, a vast majority of the population, face a harsh and arid climate with seasonal and highly variable precipitation, exacerbated by the growing impact of global climate change.

LWR works to break the vicious cycle of poverty by supporting agriculture and climate programs which are designed to improve livelihoods.

This project will directly target 9,000 agro-pastoralists and, by extension, benefit 90,971 people in the Valley Nouaho, located between the provinces of Boulgou and Koulpélogo in the Centre-Est region of Burkina Faso.


The goal of this project is to increase the productivity of agro-pastoralist farms in the Nouaho Valley.

Objectives #1

Increase the productivity of agro-pastoralist households in the Nouaho Valley area. This will be achieved through the introduction of improved production and post-production techniques, better integration of women in family farms, and boosts to agro-pastoralists’ incomes.

Objectives #2

Strengthen the capacity of the partner organization, Boulgou Provincial Breeders Union (UPEB) to manage and deliver quality services to its agro-pastoralist members in order to optimize the productivity of their farms. This will be achieved through enhancing UPEB’s governance, with UPEB leaders organizing effective community service provision, and ensuring that the union’s financial and material resources guarantee quality services to its members.