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Promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Project in Lamjung District

Known as the “CSA Project,” this program is an integrated approach which uses a combination of technologies and practices for adapting to and migitating the effects of climate change. It seeks to achieve better adaptation and mitigation of climate change and support communities as they work to improve and promote more resilient livelihoods.


The rural communities in Nepal face many livelihood challenges particularly the ones due to climate change. The traditional livelihood practices are neither appropriate for meeting the livelihood needs of the people nor adaptable to the shocks and uncertainties often created by erratic climate conditions.

Agriculture and food systems must improve to adapt to climate change and natural resource pressures, and contribute to mitigating climate change. These challenges, being interconnected, have to be addressed simultaneously. There is a need for integrating climate change concerns into programs and, therefore, appropriate methodologies for tracking performance in natural resource management and proactive adaptation to climate change. This would involve active community engagement in the conservation of natural resources as well as creating conditions that would avoid over-use of resources, allowing them to flourish naturally.

Objective #1

320 farmers apply their knowledge in diversifying their agricultural practices.

Objective #2

100 small holder farmers practice locally adaptive and climate-friendly agricultural practices.

Objective #3

Four farming cooperatives lead agricultural businesses and marketing initiatives at the community level.

Objective #4

270 farmers practice soil management techniques in their fields.

Objective #5

150 farmers adopt improved water conserving irrigation techniques.

Objective #6

1,290 small holder farmers use bio gas and smokeless stoves as an alternative energy source.