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Promotion of Dry Cereal Production in the San interfleuve

This project will strengthen local communities’ resilience to climate-related shocks, and provide an appropriate solution to recurrent food insecurity in the interfleuve area through the development of dry-land crops and legumes. It will also strengthen the financial, institutional and organizational capacity of the Bako Sababou Gnuman Federation enabling it to provide quality services to its members.


LWR began working in Mali in 1986 to address drought-related famine, and continues to partner with rural communities to increase food security and address the root causes of poverty by improving local agricultural production and investing in sustainable land use.

Segou is one of two regions in Mali where LWR has a history of building the capacity of farmers’ cooperatives, unions and federations. During recent decades, the region as a whole has faced extensive degradation under the combined effects of climate change, and growing human and animal populations. Inadequate and irregular rainfall, land degradation, the use of inefficient farming methods, and poor organization have undermined local producers’ efforts to benefit fully from their farming activities.


The goal of the project is to guarantee sustainable food and nutrition security of dry cereal producer households in the Interfluve area by September 2017.

Objective #1

The federation provides effective services to its members to ensure their food security and create economies of scale.

Objective #2

Access and proper use of the services provided by the Federation allow its members to increase their agricultural productivity.

Objective #3

Women’s participation in the activities of the Federation is enhanced through the development of homegrown agriculture (fattening, hibiscus, okra, moringa).