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Resilience in the Coffee Sector Due to Climate Change

This 3 year project will collaborate with 3 local partners, CAFENICA, CIEETS and Centro Humboldt, in Nicaragua to improve the resilience of coffee producing communities in the face of climate change.


According to the latest “Global Climate Risk Index 2013” of German Watch, Nicaragua is among the ten countries most affected by global impacts associated with extreme climate events in the period from 1992 to 2011, ranking 3rd place. The impacts of climate change and alteration in temperature anomalies in rainfall patterns, increased sea levels and increased intensity and frequency of extreme events planned in Nicaragua, can cause lower agricultural productivity, greater insecurity of water resources, increase exposure to coastal flooding, ecosystem collapse, and increased health risks, thereby representing a potential threat to the fight against poverty and inequality in the country.


Families in the coffee sector increase their resilience against the effects of climate change.

Objective #1

More resilient coffee plantations through improved varieties, farm planning and management practices , as well as improved technical assistance using mobile technology.

Objective #2

Greater capacity for adaptation to climate change through local climate monitoring and alert systems, training and engagement with the educational community around climate change, and development of adaptation plans for farms and communities.

Objective #3

Livelihood strategies that are resilient to climate change due to on-farm diversification and improved food production including seed banks and household gardens.