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Response to the Impact of Rust and the Coffee Crisis Among Families of Small Coffee Producers

This $150,000 project funded with the Accelerant Fund, is to support a response to the coffee leaf rust crisis in one of the hardest hit regions of Nicaragua through a local partner, CAFENICA.


In Nicaragua, farmer’s associations are essential structures for helping smallscale farmers successfully participate in agriculture value chains . LWR works with associations and cooperatives to improve productivity, quality, and postharvest processing and storage crops. LWR also helps farmer’s associations and cooperatives engage with external with external stakeholders to increase their competitiveness in the national and international market.

LWR’s focus on agricultural value chains is complemented by efforts to help famers diversity agricultural production, improve on-farm processing and storage, and promote better dietary practices for small-scale famers and their families. As a result, hundreds of families have achieved food security and are building resilience to climate-induced crop loss.

Objective #1

Rehabilitated coffee plantations by replanting as needed with Roya resistant varieties that also have high quality attributes, applying bio-mineral and organic fertilizers which strengthen the plants capacity to respond to Roya, and improving overall management practices in their coffee plantations.

Objective #2

Accessed temporary employment through 3000 person days of work generated in the supported communities by project activities in tree and coffee nurseries, production of organic and bio-mineral fertilizers, and other project activities.