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Reducing Vulnerability by Introducing Viable Economies

Project Period: July 20, 2011 – July 20, 2014

The Challenges

The Silway-Klinan River System with a total length of 66km, with at least 13 riverside barangays.

This river system partly provides sources for drinking water of communities, livestock and irrigation for agriculture-based production both household and industrial level. Over the years of its existence, the river system has experienced human destruction, rampant cuttings of trees along riverbanks for charcoal making and the banks of its tributaries reduced by heavy rains.

Currently, these river systems are experiencing frequent flooding disrupting lives and livelihoods of local residents. Siltation and erosion brought by flooding reduces farmland soil fertility affecting the production of the communities.


The proposed project seeks to address and reduce the impact of flooding within farmlands along the Silway-Klinan River Systems by gradually rehabilitating the river systems, its tributaries and gullies through:

  • planting and maintenance of at least 26,400 seedlings of bamboo; 60,000 seedlings of assorted forest and 13,200 seedlings of fruit trees;
  • establishments of gabions in identified priority areas (section of rivers);
  • earth-matting in areas prone to or with incidence of erosion;
  • advocating and training proper waste management procedures for industries and households.

The project will also introduce viable environmentally-friendly practices for agriculture-based income generation, such as vegetable production through the establishment of household-level gardens.


  • Rehabilitating the riverbanks and gullies along Silway-Klinan river systems by establishing gabions and planting of fruit trees and bamboos.
  • Providing alternative livelihood opportunities through cash crop production assistance.
  • Capacitating farmer leaders and local officials in 13 barangays to advocate for local government’s action in enhancing barangay disaster risk reduction programs and enforcement of environmental policies and ordinances.