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Safe and Healthy Schools in Apurimac, Peru

Historically, the rural population have much difficulty accessing basic services, such as education and water and sanitation, is due to how remote these communities are geographically located from larger cities that these services are available. This is also true from rural communities and schools located in the Andean region. According to the Department of Statistics of Educational Quality (ESCALE) in 2015 only 57% of educational institutions in Apurimac had potable water and have limited resources for adequate educational materials for students. The lack of these services hinders the quality of education of students as well as decreases student retention.

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With the generous support of the Bethlehem Fund, LWR hopes to respond to these limitations by focusing its efforts to improve the use and maintenance of water and sanitation services. In addition the project seeks to implement ICT activities and services that will improve the quality of teaching-learning process for both the student and teacher.



GOALS: Rural educational institutions in Apurimac will improve the use and maintenance of water and sanitation facilities as well as create quality teaching/learning processes for students using ICT.

  1. Students and teachers properly use and maintain their educational institutional water and sanitation facilities.
  2. Teachers and students of educational institutions utilize and apply ICT teaching and learning processes.
  3. The educational community, as a whole, is actively involved in the management and maintenance of their institutional basic services.