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Safe and Healthy Schools in Apurimac, Peru

One of the main factors limiting development in rural communities in Peru where there is a high level of absenteeism of teachers and students due to the absence of basic services such as sanitation. In addition teachers and students have limited access to technology, which as a result, widens the digital divide depriving students the opportunity to take advantage of ICT as a strategy of learning.

This project will address these issues by implementing water and sanitation activities on school premises as well as innovative ICT strategies to help boost student/teacher attendance as well as education quality.


Goals: Rural educational institutions in Apurimac will improve the use and maintenance of water and sanitation facilities as well as create quality teaching/learning processes for students using ICT.

Objective 1: Students and teachers properly use and maintain their educational institutional water and sanitation facilities.

Objective 2: Teachers and students of educational institutions utilize and apply ICT teaching and learning processes.

Objective 3: The educational community, as a whole, is actively involved in the management and maintenance of their institutional basic services.