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School Kits in Nicaragua 2016

In June of 2016, LWR sent  525 Boxes of School Kits to Nicaragua each box averaging 27 kits per box, The was done by  LWR in-country staff and partners to communities associated with LWR’s long-term agricultural development work there. Historically, Honduras is divided into 18 departments and through your kind contribution of Gifts, LWR was able to distribute the school kits in all but 6 departments. Some of the departments that received these amazing gifts were such as: Atlántida, Colón, Copán, Cortés, La Paz, Lempira, Ocotepeque, Olancho, and more.

The project provided school kits for children who cannot attend school because they cannot afford basic school supplies thus providing them with this wonderful opportunity to get off the streets, out of the reach of the gangs and putting them back into school. The distribution catered about 14,175 of students who attend school in impoverished and high-risk districts ensuring that that they received the best possible chance of breaking out of the crippling cycle of poverty.

In addition to the distribution, 85% of the school kits were distributed church and local community events for safety, security and leadership purposes. The other 15% was distributed to children of prisoners Incarcerated in local jails, some of it went to children at the orphanages, and children at local schools.

Departed LWR Warehouse: June 10, 2016
Status: The distribution of school kits was successfully done between January 15 – March 30,2017