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Shelter Support to Earthquake-Affected Communities

The overall goal of the project is to provide safety, security, and protection, and to build the resilience of 468 earthquake-affected and vulnerable households in Lamjung District. This project will provide communities with the technical skills needed to build earthquake resistant housing and will also offer either in kind or cash support, allowing the most affected households to build resilient climate-friendly shelters while, at the same time, improving the communities’ capacity to manage current and future disasters.


The 2015 earthquakes in Nepal decimated the country’s housing and infrastructure, completely destroying more than 600,000 homes and leaving many more partially damaged or structurally weak. This project will focus on filling the gaps in recovery, specifically in regards to appropriate and adequate shelter for 468 households in Ilampokhari and Gauda VDCs (Village Development Committees) in Lamjung District.


The specific objective is to meet the basic recovery need of earthquake-affected and vulnerable households to have adequate shelter and improved capacity in managing current and future disasters.