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Sesame Marketing and Exports

Participant farmers in LWR’s CORE project, in the Gnagna province of the Est Region of Burkina Faso

The Sesame Marketing and Exports (SESAME) project will assist more than 500,000 people directly and indirectly by working with farmers, agricultural cooperatives, buyers, exporters, financial institutions and government bodies to increase their capacity to meet sesame export quality standards, access lucrative markets and improve buyer-seller relationships.

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Download a Fact Sheet about this project (English)
Download a Fact Sheet about this project (French)

The SESAME project takes a four-pronged approach to address these challenges:

  • Improving agricultural practices: LWR will provide sesame farmers with the most up-to-date agricultural information and methods;
  • Strengthening supporting institutions: LWR will work with sesame farmer cooperatives to strengthen and improve their management and equip them to provide better services to their members. The agency will also work with staff within the government of Burkina Faso to strengthen the policy and regulatory environment for sesame export opportunities;
  • Improving marketing capacity: LWR will partner with cooperatives and local financial institutions to facilitate farmers’ access to credit so they can invest in the productivity of their farms. LWR will also work to reduce post-harvest crop damage by improving handling and storage practices by constructing warehouses and facilitating access to cleaning and sorting machinery;
  • Increasing coordination between sesame buyers and sellers: LWR will facilitate transparent and trusting relationships among government officials, producer organizations, exporters, processors and buyers through participation in trade fairs and regular networking meetings.