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Strengthening the Coffee Sector in the Baptiste Region of Haiti

Coffee farmers in the Baptiste region grow coffee on small farms (0.65 ha) and in difficult conditions. Over the past two decades, despite the socio-economic development support of several national and international NGOs to strengthen and organize coffee farmer cooperatives in order improve quality and marketability, progress has been minimal. This is due to multiple factors. This region does not have sufficient access to financial services, inputs and extension services of good practices eco-agriculture needed to rejuvenate their aging plantations, increase yields and reverse the decline of the industry.

This project aims to mobilize all actors engaged in the region to collectively develop a program to address the issues and current challenges in this region by improving coffee quality and prices for 8 cooperatives affiliated with our project partner Union des Cooperatives Cafeieres de Baptiste (UCOCAB).


Participating families will directly benefit from:

  • Improved post-harvest quality control systems through process improvements and training on use and maintenance of post-harvest processing equipment at the cooperative level; and
  • Increased sales through the cooperatives and UCOCAB to international fair trade buyers through awareness raising among farmers about the benefits of fair trade and collective marketing, and improved systems for monitoring sales from members to the cooperatives.

Our hope is that this pilot will provide the experience and partnerships with private sector to develop a larger proposal for external funding as well as adding to LWR’s experience in the region collaborating with farmer organizations together with private sector players such as Root Capital and buyers.