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Strengthening Institutional Capacity of SLS in Order to Address the Humanitarian Emergency Caused by the Deportation of Unaccompanied Minors

The Lutheran Synod supported by LWR and the Lutheran World Federation is developing an emergency project to address some 400 returnee children at the hostel of the National Institute for Children and Adolescents (ISNA).


Daily many people migrate in search of better life conditions. The countries with most percentages are Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Mexico. The situation of violence in the region, product of poverty and the lack of opportunities, especially among young people who are looking to build dignified conditions of life, are the principal causes that motivate their departure.

It is estimated that 47,000 children will return by the end of 2014. Salvadoran civil society is organized to try to mitigate the humanitarian crisis and gradually take initiatives to address the causes contributing to the exodus of some of the Salvadoran population, mostly violence and the lack of decent jobs.

The Salvadoran Lutheran Synod has strengthened its human capacities and materials to coordinate emergency actions against the crisis of the deported children and to initiate prevention strategies for youth migration in the communities served.


SLS will participate in three events and forums on the issue of migration in order to share their experience of providing care to the emergency shelter and community.

20 people among pastors, staff and volunteers will be trained in SLS issues of psychosocial care, human rights of children and adolescents and child protection.

SLS is developing strategies and tools to track children returnees and their families. SLS is coordinating emergency activities and prevention efforts with government institutions and large agencies or NGOs in the country.

The SLS is developing a strategy of “emergency communication” around the issue of migration and the return of children through their various media (radio, magazine, materials for communities and website).