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Strengthening Self Help Group in Bio’uti Village

The Bio’uti villagers in Nias have limited access to knowledge and skills to develop their livelihood activities. They have been living with a difficult economic situation for many years. The tsunami of December 2004, and its aftershock earthquake in March 2005 has worsened this situation by inflicting further damage to their fragile economic infrastructure and created massive losses in their materials and assets. The problems facing Bio’uti Village are the continued use of traditional agricultural and animal husbandry practices, the decreasing productivity of rubber trees, and the lack of access to markets. As a result of the low productivity and high prices for goods, the main problem is seen as low income and low purchasing power. This increases the villagers’ vulnerability and prohibits them from meeting their families’ daily needs.

The Project

Bio’uti villagers have experienced positive living changes since Yayasan Datafahaea PGI Nias (YDPGIN) and LWR conducted a community strengthening project in their community. This project built the capacity of local farmers, pig raisers, and farmers groups. There is now a village Self Help Group (SHG), which assists community income improvement through corn cultivation activity. The SHG still has low capabilities to provide services to the community, though, especially in processing corn powder for animal feed. In addition, the SHG’s capital and capacity in marketing remains limited.

In this project, YDPGIN will work with farmers to increase their corn cultivation, using new agricultural methods and tools. In addition, YDPGIN will work with the village SHG to develop a business plan and develop micro-credit proposals for the community. Through the business plan, the SHG will gain capacity to process larger amounts of corn (which will be produced by the farmers in growing amounts) for corn powder, which can be re-sold to the pig raisers in the village.

Objective #1

Increase the knowledge of 649 household members involved with Bio’uti Self Help Group (SHG) about agricultural economic management.

Objective #2

Increase the capacity of corn powder produced by the Bio’uti Village SHG.