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Strengthening the Cocoa Sector, Haiti

LWR has been working in Haiti for over 15 years to revitalize the rural sector. Over the last three years, LWR has responded to both the short and long term impacts of the devastating January 2010 earthquake through its ACT partners as well as through local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and farmers’ organizations. LWR’s goal in Haiti is to bolster livelihoods, advance rural development, increase food security, and protect the country’s natural resources.

The Project

Over a period of three years, this project will work to enhance the competitiveness of the Federation of Northern Cocoa Cooperatives (FECCANO) and its six local cooperatives by increasing production yields, improving fermented cocoa quality, and advancing overall quality of life for beneficiaries.

Program activities include advising farmers with older cocoa plantations on updated cocoa farming techniques, improving the local cocoa fermentation process, and supporting local producers through increased access to profitable markets. In addition, the project will reduce the amount of cocoa lost as a result of exposure to moisture during the rainy season through improvements in storage, packaging and transport.

As a result of LWR’s partnership with FECCANO, local cooperatives will achieve greater overall product quality in the cocoa sector and become more effective on both local and international markets.


  • Increase the quality and quantity of FECCANO’s fermented cocoa beans with improved storage capacity and packaging.
  • Strengthen FECCANO’s marketability though access to new customers and new markets.
  • Improve the organizational capacity of FECCANO and its six partner cooperatives.
  • Address gender issues within FECCANO and its six partner cooperatives through activities specifically related to women.