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Sustainable Coastal Community Efforts Through Enhancement of Dried Fish

Small-scale fisherfolk are among the poorest and most disaster susceptible communities in the Philippines. Tambuyog Development Center, Inc. (TDC), a Philippine advocacy and development NGO has, for 20 years, been nationally championing the empowerment of small/marginal fisherfolk as key partners in promoting sustainable fisheries development. For the past year, TDC, in partnership with Lutheran World Relief, has focused its advocacy work in disaster prone Bantayan Island under the “Building Sustainable Action for Fisherfolk Enhance Livelihood towards Resiliency” (BUILD Safer).


The project complements the existing LWR AND KAMMPIL livelihood program Building Resilient and Sustainable Livelihoods for Smallholder Coconut Farmers and Fisherfolk affected by Typhoon Haiyan in Eastern Visayas. Specifically, this project will complement the existing livelihood programs. Beneficiaries of the existing livelihood programs are same affected fisherfolk families of the Typhoon Haiyan and Typhoon Hagupit. The targeted Interventions such as provision of capital inputs for livelihood diversification, capacity building training and fish processing and marketing support. Disaster-affected people increased livelihood diversification to improve resilience to shock and stresses. The goal is to ensure that beneficiaries recover and rebuild their livelihoods in ways to maximize their resilience to future disasters.


Disaster-affected fisher folk households from Bantayan increase productivity from primary livelihoods to improve resilience to shocks and stresses

  • Disaster-affected fisher folk implement diversified livelihoods
  • 90% of the 200 target fisher folk households have adopted improved productivity techniques promoted by the project

Disaster-affected fisher folk households adopt improved post-harvest and value-adding technology

  • 200 fisher folks trained on improved fish drying by end of project
  • 1 drying facility is constructed by end of project. Drying facility tested and ready for operations by end of project
  • 200 fisher folks provided with materials for fish drying

Sungko Seaweed Farmers Fisherfolk Association management systems and structures in place

  • Management plan adopted (incorporating systems and procedures)
  • 30 key officers trained on different topics under financial management