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Sustainable Livelihoods in Bois Bocot Model Village, Gressier, Haiti

LWR has been working in Haiti for over 15 years to revitalize the rural sector. Over the last three years, LWR has responded to both the short and long term impacts of the devastating January 2010 earthquake through its ACT partners as well as through local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and farmers’ organizations. LWR’s goal in Haiti is to bolster livelihoods, advance rural development, increase food security, and protect the country’s natural resources.

The Project

This project will fund the livelihoods component of LWF/Haiti’s Model Village in Gressier, providing residents with job skills training, access to credit through strong community financial institutions (MUSOs), and tools. 1560 local residents (53% women) will receive support to establish or strengthen small businesses and other alternative livelihoods strategies. By working with village residents and residents of surrounding communities, this project will support economic and social integration between village residents and surrounding communities by integrating both groups in project activities and local economic initiatives.

This project directly works with 1,560 people (733 men and 827 women).


  • Increase capacity of 40 women headed households and 20 young women and men to engage in livelihoods initiatives activities that sustain and diversify their income generating opportunities by the end of the implementation period.
  • Increase opportunity for households participating in MUSOs to have access to micro-savings loans and/or technical support that sustain and diversify their income generating activities.

Project activities:

  • Training of community and MUSO members on management, agriculture, fruit plantation, crop production, business management, etc. for income generation activities development.
  • Cash transfer to benefit of 30 women.
  • Technical and enterprise training targeted at women.
  • On-site job training on construction.