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Emergency Response Program for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Partner staff and volunteers distribute LWR kits to Syrian refuges and members of the Jordanian host community in Eira Yerga village. (Photo by Loren Hyatt, for LWR)

LWR is helping to meet some of the basic and longer-term needs of thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan through the provisions of non-food items (NFIs), such as personal care, baby care, and school kits, as well as workshops on how to start a business for women entrepreneurs. Volunteers from these workshops are being trained to support the distribution of NFIs, such as personal care kits and clothes, to nearly 26,000 Syrians refugees in the country.


Over the 5 years of protracted conflict in Syria, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed and over one million injured. The violence and total destruction of cities and towns has forced 4.8 million Syrians to seek asylum outside of the country and has displaced 6.6 million, who cannot, for a multitude of reasons, leave Syria. As of August 2016, there were 657,203 Syrians registered as refugees in Jordan in need of assistance.


  • Refugee families’ short term recovery is supported through NFI provision.
  • Refugee families’ short term recovery is supported through increasing their alternative income resources.