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Territorial Development of Sierra Tecapa Chinameca

The project aims to strengthen municipalities to find alternatives to the crisis resulting from loss of harvests and climate change. The proposal is based on three pillars: (1) promote political participation of the rural population through improved governance mechanisms; (2) boost from municipal institutions friendly economic environment and ensuring food security of the population; and (3) reduce the level of violence by creating training opportunities for young people and the implementation of measures to prevent violence.


The Sierra Tecapa Chinameca is a geographic area that is in structural economic due to the difficulties of coffee production and the absence of real economic alternatives, especially for the rural population.

This crisis combined with several years of poor harvests has unleashed a massive destruction of natural resources. With the support of the local municipalities, this two and a half project will respond to this crisis to collectively the root causes of land degradation and develop common strategies to find alternatives.


The rural population of the fourteen municipalities of the STCH develops friendly economic alternatives in a less violent and social exclusion environment.


  • The rural population participates in local land management as a result of good governance practices implemented by local authorities.
  • The rural population, especially youth and women, have access to new jobs in economic sectors friendly to the environment.
  • Traditionally excluded groups – women and youth – the STCH have greater access to local and national governments.