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Violence Prevention among Youth in High Risk Areas in El Salvador

Youth in El Salvador remains one of the most vulnerable social groups in the country, face hostile environments that adversely affect their development. Despite significant efforts by the El Salvador, Salvador, this population, which represents over 12% of the total population, largely continues to lack of development and employment opportunities.

This project responds to the need for creating economic opportunities for youth to counter pressures for migration, gang membership and violent crime. This project will improve economic opportunities for youth and family integration around a culture of peace for 20 families with a total of 100 members, and will indirectly benefit another 400 members of the same communities.


Participating families will directly benefit from:

  • Job training and business support for youth through training opportunities, provision of equipment, and support for obtaining employment in coordination with INSAFORP, the national institute for vocational training.
  • Counseling and support for families of youth through a Strong Families curriculum designed by the UN to support improved family integration and strategies for engaging youth to prevent or respond to migration, violence and gang membership.
  • Beneficiary communities and households are engaged with ongoing programming of the SLS, supported in the past by LWR such as their revolving credit fund for agricultural production, training center for organic agriculture, and support program for household gardens.