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Women Farmers in Vegetable Value Chain

The “Women farmers in vegetable value chain” project will be implemented with 1,500 small holder women farmers spread over 30 villages of Banka and Katoria Block of Banka District of Bihar. The project will focus on optimizing the women’s role and participation in the local agriculture value chain with regard to high value vegetables. The major approach of this project will be to improve the income of these small holder farmers by increasing production of high value vegetables through diversified vegetable farming and improving their access to local and regional markets.


PRADAN has been piloting a vegetable farming project titled “Rural Women led Vegetable farming” with LWR support from August 2012 to September 2014. This intervention has focused on vegetable production in homestead uplands in with 500 farmers spread over 25 villages from among the proposed target beneficiary population (1,500) of this new project. Some new technologies have been experimented with such as poly house nurseries for healthy vegetable seedlings and leafy crops, trench method of farming with farmers having poor irrigation, and machan for creeper vegetables and staking. These interventions have been quite successful in helping the farmer families not only meet household consumption but also for earning income for their families by selling produce in local hats and markets.


  • 1,500 small holder farmers have access to irrigation for year-round vegetable cultivation
  • Small holder farmers utilize improved farming tools and techniques
  • Small holder farmers adopt diversified farming
  • Beneficiary farmers utilize ICT based systems to forecast weather systems
  • Beneficiaries have improved access to market systems