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Middle East

Lutheran World Relief reaches families in the Middle East who have been affected by war and conflict. These families have suffered tremendous loss and trauma, and many have been forced to flee their homes in search of safe haven elsewhere within their country or are living as refugees in neighboring countries.

We provide the critical aid and support families need to put their lives back together.

We provide families with safe spaces so they can begin to heal gaping emotional wounds and we offer skills training and opportunities to earn income as communities rebuild.

Learn more about our work in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine.


Syria is ground zero for one of the greatest humanitarian crises in generations. Ravaged by civil war since 2011, civilians continue to bear the brunt of the turmoil.

Lutheran World Relief is responding to the crisis in Ghouta, one of the last major rebel-held areas in the country that has been largely cut off from humanitarian aid. We are responding to the most basic and pressing needs for families by providing essential items.
Our response within Syria will continue and will expand as we are able to access the communities in desperate need.


Lutheran World Relief is one of the only humanitarian organizations operating in West Mosul, Iraq, an area pummeled by ISIS, where as many as 4,000 civilians perished, 900,000 fled, and more than 90 percent of houses and buildings are dust and debris.

Our work in Mosul is bringing psychosocial counseling for children and families who are returning to their homes and those trapped in Mosul’s cruel, 3-year-long siege. We are also providing women and men the opportunity to learn new and valuable skills, like mobile phone repair — a marketable skill that also helps families reconnect to loved ones displaced by the conflict — and emergency medical response training, which is especially valuable in a region where the medical care infrastructure has been decimated.


Lebanon is host to the highest number of Syrian refugees. As refugees struggle to establish a new life and source of income, many poor Lebanese families are also facing hardships finding employment.

Lutheran World Relief is providing Syrian refugees and poor Lebanese families with specialized agricultural training and employment opportunities, including an opportunity for women and men to learn how to produce crops in greenhouses. Their crops will become their source of income and provide much-needed nourishing food for their communities. We are also employing the local work force to repair and improve irrigation canals and water networks. This work is complemented by training in conflict resolution and prevention techniques, which helps these stressed local and refugee communities learn to work together.


Lutheran World Relief is helping Syrian refugees in Jordan build a new life. We are distributing essentials like health and hygiene items and blankets, as well as the opportunity to join job skills training workshops, including business skills and management classes.


Lutheran World Relief works in Palestine through fellow members of the Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance and directly supports the Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem.